Sigma Tech Services

Services provided by Sigma Tech include developing and programming websites, smart phone applications, and electronic marketing and advertising services. It includes several steps and activities aimed at creating innovative and effective applications.

App development-amico

Software Development

The code is written and the functions and features specified in the design are implemented...
Operating system upgrade-pana

Support and Maintenance

After publishing the application, the necessary technical support and maintenance are provided to ensure…
Design team-amico

Software Development

It includes programming and developing the technical and functional aspects of the website, such as creating…
UI differences-amico

User Interface Design

It ensures an attractive and easy-to-use user interface design, ensuring a user experience…

Analysis and Reports

It included analyzing and monitoring the performance of campaigns on social media, preparing...

Analyzing Client Needs

It includes identifying the customer’s needs and requirements from the website, including…

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Sigma Tech aims to create innovative and effective applications that meet customers' aspirations and help them achieve their digital goals